Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Coachella Roaming

I'm not usually the sort of person to justify wearing a skirt with a $1000 + price tag to a festival, but damn Solange Knowles looked insane at Coachella. 

I am tempted to shamelessly steal her look. 

If you are similarly tempted, it's only a click, click away.

Solange's outfit credentials were so insane, all other contenders forfeited this fash off.

Sunset Eyes

I may be stating the obvious but Australians love summer. And if there is anything we love more than summer than it's the beach. Autumn may be underway on this side of the globe but you will still see bare legs and bikinis hitting the beach at a relatively cool 25 degrees celsius. 

The new Limited Edition Save The Sharks Palette by Chantecaille reminds me of winter sunsets over the ocean. With shades by the name of Great White, Grey Reef, Black Tip and Sea Anemone, its not hard to see why. 

In the name of prolonging the last days of summer, I'll be sporting these shades in the coming weeks.

For every one purchased 5 per cent will be donated to the BLOOM Association to help them fight against unregulated shark fin trade.

Sunset photo courtesy of The One They Call Bruno.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Wardrobe Dilemmas (The Black/White Edition)

The other day as I looked from my silver bomber jacket to my leopard print knit to my fluoro pink printed skirt I felt a little overloaded. Where were the clean lines, neutral shades and go-with-anything pieces? 

I keep buying totally out there clothing. Bold, colourful, metallic, printed... you name it. I am like a bower bird on steroids. 

This kind of shopping really isn't sustainable. We all love a good hero piece as it can glue an entire outfit together. But you can't have an outfit made up entirely of hero pieces. 

Minimalism has been dominating the fashun landscape recently. And I'm dipping my toes into the water to soothe my print-overloaded soul.

My favourite minimalist micro-trend is the power combination of black and white. It may not be a new look but it feels fresh worn head-to-toe in geometric prints and with metal hardware. 

Not convinced? 

Keep scrolling baby and you'll be hooked. 


Photographs and street stalking via Fashion Gone Rogue, Le 21emeLa Modella Mafia, Style.com and the world wide web. 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Music Muse (That Daft Punk/Pharrell Song)

Judging by the youtube numbers on Daft Punk x Pharrell's new track 'Get Lucky' I'm guessing we've all heard it at least once by now. My personal verdict is still up in the air on this one. 

Do I like it? Yes. 

Do I love it? Mmmm... that's a big call. 

We may as well just put it on repeat any way.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wardrobe Dilemmas (The MBFWA Edition)

(L to R): MFP Ring / Proenza Schouler Knit / 3.1 Phillip Lim Bag / Dannijo Necklace / Sophie Hulme Shirt / Alexander Wang Boots / Bassike Skirt / Alexander Wang Blazer / Mawi Clutch / Estelle Deve Bracelet / Christopher Esber Top / Maison Martin Margiela Pants.

Naturally you always want to look your best, but the upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia ups the stakes.

To key to fashun survival is comfortable classics with a twist.

Here is my shortlist of the key items that make up a fashion girl's arsenal.

1. Graphic chunky knit.
2. Rings for stacking.
3. Fit-my-life-into-it handbag.
4. Dazzling necklace.
5. Classic white collared shirt.
6. Boots made for walking (literally).
7. Sleek pencil skirt.
8. Layer-with-everything black blazer.
9. Statement clutch.
10. Heavy metal bracelet or cuff.
11. Not-your-average T-shirt.
12. Bright stovepipe pants.

These items fall straight into the 'cost per wear' category as each item on this list can be mixed and matched with each other with ease. You will love them, need them, want them over and over again.

Fash Dates