Friday, 9 August 2013

Wave Rider

Forget about the clothes at last night's Myer Spring/Summer 13-14 runway show. I'm lusting over the slicked back sea-tousled hair. Simply put, this look hits the right note thanks to its powerful silhouette and soft texture. If Australia was a hairstyle, this would be it. Truly puts new meaning into the phrase business in the front, party in the front.

Hair How-To:

Smooth over the hair gently using a smoothing brush to remove tangles.

While the hair is still damp, apply a good amount of  Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity lotion from roots to ends and dry in.

Beginning at the front of the head, take a horizontal section about three inches across and one inch deep, back brush the roots gently and wrap away from the face with a medium curling iron. Remove the curling iron and pin hair into place with a Kevin Murphy Pin.Clip, leaving the ends out.

Repeat the same technique on each side of the head.

Let the hair sit until it cools.

Beginning at the back, remove the clips one by one and smooth over as you go, bringing the sections together using a smoothing brush.

Using a little Kevin Murphy Session.Spray, smooth the sides straight back from the face and pin to control the hair, smooth all the way to the ends of the hair creating an undulating wave and not a curl.

To finish, take some Kevin Murphy Super.Goo and apply using a flat palm movement to stretch out and control the wave from the nape to the top. Allow to relax before again molding with your palms as you go. Finish with a light mist of Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine.

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