Monday, 25 February 2013

Miss Masquerade's Musings (The Welcome Edition)

Fashun noun \'fa-sh-urn\ : an term to describe an object, person, place or thing so amazeballs that one becomes incapable of pronouncing the traditional term 'fashion'.

Welcome to Miss Masquerade's never-ending virtual party.

Pull out your false lashes, your favourite bold lipstick and perhaps even your party shoes. Or do none of that and just say you did. In fact we'll never know whether you're in a fluffy pink dressing gown or new season Gucci because the masks are on.

The world according to Miss Masquerade is a little bit nutty, a little bit cheeky and a whole lot of awesome. This little corner of the web has been tailored to become a one-stop shop for fashun advice, beauty know-how, musings and daily inspiration.

You will see beauty and fashun heavyweights battle it out. You will listen to music muses, both old and new. You will be presented with flashbacks of moments, people and trends so fabulous you will wonder how they became a flashback in the first place. You will find the products that shine so far above the rest that they have their own spotlight. You will stalk the streets and it's fabulous inhabitants from the comforts of your desk/couch/bed.

Miss Masquerade could be anyone, anywhere but all you need to know is that I want you to feel beautified, inspired and entertained.

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